USA Residency by Grenada E2 Treaty
The USA E-2 visa allows Grenadian citizens to make an investment in a new or active U.S. company, and in return reap the benefits of a life in the United States.

Residency is for life and can include the family with excellent tax benefits as only USA income is considered by the IRS. Become a Grenada citizen within a few months, invest in a USA business and enjoy lifetime USA residency. And if you wish, evolve into USA citizenship.

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The 100-Year Life – Curse or Gift?
“Gone is the traditional retirement age of 65; now with healthy choices and medical advances we will outlive our parents by 10 years, and our children will outlive us by 20 years!” Costas Souris Quality Group

The 100-Year Life teaches you how to be resourceful and prepare ahead of time for a world in which people not only live longer but reach an age in the triple-digits and talks about what you should be doing right now to ensure you have enough money for retirement. Watch the 100-year life short video by Gratton & Scott.

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Would you like to turn an existing asset into …
Steady, Reliable Cashflow?

In recent decades, investing has come to be equated almost exclusively with stocks, bonds, and mutual funds. However, with greater volatility in the stock market, there are many benefits to diversify at least a portion of your portfolio.

Invest in passive income, regular income earned without working for an employer or job. It doesn’t require any active work. Another way to think about passive income vs. active income is as rent vs. salary.

Once you put in the upfront investment — time, money, and energy — passive income takes little effort to maintain – you get paid for owning stuff. Your passive income can even earn its own money, such as through compound interest from your investments. Automatically reinvesting income to earn a compound return!

Commercial Medical Buildings

Over the last few years owning a share in a commercial USA medical building has become possible for the smaller investor, earning equally with large investors. Key is the type of tenant, the Doctor and Healthcare worker! If the patient requires care, the Doctor gets paid and therefor the investor also gets paid. A recession resistant investment.

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Roadside Retail Retailing … is the NEW Normal

Insights of shoppers, “Roadside retailing is changing fast. It is no longer possible to rely on fuel sales and a limited impulse offering – customers expect much more! And you can invest in this asset class and earn above average returns!

“To thrive, retailers need to use shopper insights and tailor an in-store offering that meets the changing needs of the modern consumer. The modern roadside retailer needs to offer a broad range of products, including fresh produce, covering a variety of meal occasions.

“In short, the roadside retailer of the future should aim not to be a fuel retailer with a grocery offering, but a full-service grocery retailer with a fuel and state-of-the-art rapid electric charging point offering.

The move towards modern state of the art roadside retail infrastructure is a key area of expertise of our UK provider.  

The Developer
Established in 2003, and headquartered in Birmingham, the Group has offices in Nottingham and central London and employs over 45 property professionals supported by a high-calibre Property Advisory Board. 

Roadside Retail
The Groups commercial division develops and delivers projects for leading brands such as Lidl, McDonald’s, Burger King, Euro Garages, Greggs, Starbucks and Costa Coffee. At the same time the team works closely with electric vehicle charging providers, helping power the UK’s low carbon future.

Non-Bank Lending
Investors, known as non-bank lenders provide funding which enables the Group to secure property opportunities and progress the property projects at pace. The non-bank funding enables early phase development, and the cost of such funding is included in the purchase price paid by future partners and global brands that the Group delivers bespoke turnkey solutions to.

Investors in fixed income by private lending benefit from above average returns with income or deferred income options

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