The Multi-Stage life … the UN-Retirement


“What am I going to do with my life?” What am I going to do with my longevity bonus? Very big hairy questions?

 Forget the idea of 3 distinct life stages! The traditional thoughts, “Our life pattern has been in 3 distinct stages: education, career, and retirement.” No more! Behavioural lifestyle changes driven by Tech and Healthcare has made these thoughts obsolete.
Think a multistage life, 20-30-40 years post 65.

 Is the 100-year life making you rethink what retirement means?

 The traditional retirement model is morphing into something new, like zooming into the next galaxy  think …  time off paid work and time on paid work. 

Some call …  it the “Great Un-retirement”

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Banks are no longer in the game!



What is the difference between a Bank and a Non-Bank Lender?

Banks are traditional financial institutions that offer personal and home loans including business loans. On the other hand, non-bank lenders are insurance companies, private individuals, family offices, microloan organisations, and private lending/credit funds that provide lending services but do not hold a banking license.

These non-bank financial institutions provide services that are not necessarily suited to banks, serve as competition to banks, and specialize in their chosen sectors. These are private lenders.



Partnering with Global Institutions and Brands 


Direct Lending?
Quality Group facilitates direct lending investing where we make capital available, through investors, to a UK property developer for use in acquiring sites and progressing the sites ready for sale as a turnkey project to Global Institutions and Global Brand names.

“We all know McDonalds. They look for franchisees to sell hamburgers to pay McDonalds rent. The McDonalds business model is to own desirable commercial property locations around the world. They own more than 11 000 sites worldwide.”


The question? Who finds the sites for McDonalds? 
That is the business model … acquire the site and simultaneously sell the project to a global brand like Mcdonalds delivering the turnkey development ready for trading.

Investing in direct private lending for income and returns that are above average, steady, and unrelated to market volatility.


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