The Goal … “Future proof tomorrow today, with alternative wealth investments and accelerate the journey to personal and financial freedom”


Residency and citizenship rights by investment The right to relocate now or in the future | A PLAN B


Tax efficient income and growth in multi asset investments, payable irrespective where you live now or in the future


Predictable Income
Unrelated to markets
With collateral security


When struck down by severe illness, or death; insurance is financial protection for families, breadwinners & key persons


Offers diversification across all markets, asset classes and currencies with tax benefits


Reliable USD income derived from USA Medical Commercial Real Estate


Rental income and capital growth in hard currency


Steady consistent returns in hard currency that are above average


Why must we Future Proof?


The future will arrive even if we are not ready! (Costas Souris) Its either adapt and keep up with change or become a victim of unpreparedness. Simply, be prepared to protect the purchasing power of your money to ensure standard of living or the possibility of relocation! At least, be able to consider opportunities and meet challenges.

The opposite is disruption and uncertainty, happening faster than ever before. The speed at which “PEOPLE” need to adapt and change continues to accelerate.

Futureproofing tomorrow is a mindset, not a destination! It is knowing where we are and where we would like to be? Its understanding and acknowledging that there are personal and financial consequences, to doing nothing or being stuck in the past.

In this ever-changing world, the way we “did things 2 and 5 and 30 years ago, might not be appropriate for today, never mind tomorrow! Our dreams and goals with deliberate action can begin to future-proof tomorrow, today, moving away from uncertainty and disruption. 

Future proof tomorrow, today!

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What is a 100 year life?


The 100-Year Life is a wake-up call that describes what to expect and considers the choices and options that we all will face. (Lynda Gratton and Andrew Scott - The 100-year life)

Gone is the traditional model of educate-work-retire. The way forward is a multistage life, not determined by our actual age; rather by the phase of life we are experiencing.

Gone is the traditional retirement age of 65; now with healthy choices and medical advances we will outlive our parents by 10 years, and our children will outlive us by 20 years!

Longevity is no longer about getting older, it’s really about getting younger!

The 100-year life makes it imperative to future proof tomorrow as our finances must stretch not for the traditional 10-15 years after retirement, but rather 15-30 years!

This is a call to action for individuals; people like you and me, that a 100-year life can be a wonderful and inspiring one. If you have planned? Are prepared? Have futureproofed tomorrow, beginning today?

Be inspired by the 100-year life by Lynda Gratton and Andrew Scott, London School of Economics

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Multistage Retirement?


Yet, despite this reality, many continue to fall behind. They simply can’t keep up with our rapidly changing world. This inability or lack of action to “future-proof,” for many means an almost certain path to personal and financial freedom FAILURE. As the wise old saying reiterates “ When you fail to plan you plan to fail!”

But it doesn’t have to be this way. There are things we can do today - right now - that can make a huge difference on what happens to our tomorrow. Prepare for a multistage life, moving from full time work to semi-retirement, to a new career, to retirement, to charity work and … Being in retirement for 30 years, even if you enjoy financial freedom is a challenge in itself!!

As planners, we consult all the time on this very topic. Our job is to guide and plan on how to ensure individuals, families and businesses plan for Personal and Financial FREEDOM. Our job is to assist in future proofing tomorrow, today!

Enjoy a multistage life!

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The way we work?


The Future Proof Tomorrow team with a wealth of knowledge and experience corroborate and work with provider partners from all over the world. The team and partner providers are regulated in their respective home countries.

The team not only offers traditional financial planning, but there is a deliberate effort to future proof clients tomorrow using Alternative Wealth Investments and Solutions to  accelerate our client’s journey to Personal and Financial Freedom.

The Quality Group Future-Proof Tomorrow team offers hundreds of years of experience. A very necessary attribute in this diverse and increasingly complicated world we are challenged with. The combined wisdom of the team ensures we remain focused and relevant to satisfy client needs and to FUTURE-proof their goals.

Accelerating financial freedom

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Our Services?


Personal freedom Fear is destructive and therefore securing personal safety and the fair rule of law is a non-negotiable. Planning can achieve this.

Financial freedom
The destructors of wealth are inflation, taxation and currency devaluation. Protection from inflation, ensuring the purchasing power of money is maintained, appropriate investments and fair taxation will provide quality of life.

Alternative Asset Investments | And Solutions To achieve our clients personal and financial freedom we work with traditional financial planning solutions, however todays disruptive investment environment often requires alternative thinking and solutions

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It's easy to work with us!


Since 1993 we have helped our clients, all over the world. We listen and ask questions like, “How have you, future proofed your tomorrow?” We are your sounding board!

We match solutions to your budget and charge no consultation fees!

Our purpose is to achieve and maintain your Quality of Life. This starts with retaining purchasing power measured against hard currency like £ or $ or €. For most, that is predictable, stable income allowing money to work, while you decide whether to work!

The route to personal and financial freedom has evolved and will continue to evolve. This we know and our alternative asset solutions meet these needs.

We provide the information for you to make informed decisions. Reach out … its easy to deal with us. The world has become a smaller place, as technology allows us to communicate with loved ones using apps like “WhatsApp” and as businesses and labour become ever more globally mobile, taking advantage of the hybrid work model and minimisation of taxation.

As investors we are no longer restricted by country borders but have access to all markets and asset classes.

Wherever you are we can assist you to future proof your tomorrow, starting today. Reach out, call or email, lets meet, on video chat, zoom, teams or face to face if possible. Allow us to share and clarify information and deal with any concerns. Our clients are both large, 6 figures, and small, all enjoying the very best service levels.

We a click and a WhatsApp away 

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Office : +27 11 440 8006

Pay yourself first ?


Seems like a dumb question? But relate the question to financial planning and ask yourself. Do you think financial planning is important? Its dull and boring for most! Yet financial freedom is all about a staircase, small steps, starting sooner than later, then enjoy big results! But never too late to start!

Financial planning is future proofing tomorrow, preparation, planning and execution of personal and financial goals. Where do you wish to live and retire (semi) today or in the future, ensuring the quality of life you desire.

For a plan to succeed, we need to identify our goals and use existing resources in the best possible way to achieve them. Financial planning is no exception to this rule.

Warren Buffett: “Pay yourself first, save, invest”

A financial plan for global citizens
Globalisation presents opportunities and challenges in a fast paced and uncertain world. Where we live today or tomorrow, what career we follow, how we upskill, change careers and countries as the world digitises and technology forces change, the way our parents “did things” is not how we will achieve our goals and wealth creation. The 100-year life is a reality and planning for it imperative!

Financial Temperature check
With families and assets scattered around the globe, a review provides a holistic picture. What is your income, in which currencies, investments at work, retirement goals, tax and estate planning, self, family and business protection, understanding how soon wealth doubles!

“To get rich, you have to be making money while you’re asleep.”

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Residency & Citizenship programs?

Golden VISA Programs
Residency-by-investment and citizenship-by-investment are programs offered by governments around the world that allow individuals and families to invest in a country’s economy in exchange for permanent residency and/or citizenship.

Who invests in Golden VISA?
Reasons are many; for business benefits, personal security, tax, and inheritance planning benefits, VISA free personal and business travel, quality healthcare and international education.

”Live life on your terms”

It is about protecting and giving family and future generations the opportunity to progress careers and business or to grow wealth free from local politics, local economy and local currency, the list of benefits is long!

A safe haven investment with PLAN B benefits

Residency by Investment programs
Have the option to physically relocate NOW or in the FUTURE with the right to live, work, study, retire, as well as access healthcare, in a given country in exchange for an economic contribution to the country. Each program has different benefits.

Citizenship by Investment programs
Immediate dual citizenship and passports with all the privilege’s and benefits of local citizens, with VISA free travel and long stay rights in exchange for a economic contribution to the country.

Helping you and your family through the process …

Through our global partnership network with prestigious and well renowned law firms, developers, and financial institutions, Quality Group provide comprehensive solutions for our clients’ citizenship and residency needs.

Every client and family receives total support, from assistance in choosing the most suitable Golden VISA residency and citizenship program to the right investment options, to the compilation and completion of applications for residency and citizenship.

Where we invest is how we live tomorrow
Lets futureproof tomorrow … today!

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Fixed Income by Private Lending | UK Property

What is Fixed Income 
by Private Lending?
Fixed Income by Private Lending gives investors a predictable and fixed income through regular interest payments. Capital is protected!

“First rule of investing, never lose money;
the second rule never forget the first rule.”
Warren Buffet

Returns are consistent and steady which means investors benefit from above average returns in a world of market volatility, uncertainty and disruption.

Consistent Returns
The return is fixed as is the term: 2 years

Benefits of Fixed Income by Private Lending
● Diversification
● Returns unrelated to markets
● No volatility
● Fixed interest payments
● Shariah investors (Profit sharing)
● With collateral security

Who should invest in Fixed Income by Private Lending?
Investors seeking …
● Passive steady income

● Combined income & growth
● No market volatility!
● On or near retirement

● Protected capital
● Hard currency returns
● No entry/exit costs
● Shariah option

Quality Group – Future Proof Tomorrow 
Specialises in this asset class making it accessible to large and small investors earning equally securitised above average income in hard currency.

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Income-Growth | Commercial USA Medical Property

Why invest in USA Medical property?

The USA medical sector is huge, affluent, and dynamic. The USA is a wealthy nation with more than 98 million citizens earning more than $100 000 pa. The aging population can afford medical care for quality of life.

“Daily 10 000 turn 65!”

The age of the 100-year life is upon us. We will outlive our parents by 10 years and our children will outlive us by 20 years. Medical advances and better Lifestyle choices with access to twenty first century medical services promotes quality of life.

Recession Resilient
The USA healthcare industry has proven to be “recession-resilient”, in the most difficult of times including COVID. This makes it a compelling sector in which to invest.

The Secret is in the Tenant
The business model  … Let’s explain. Patients can be divided into two broad categories. Those that have-to-have medical treatment and those that can delay treatment.

“Have to Medical Services”

For example, annual check-ups with the dentist can be delayed, but cancer needing surgery, radiotherapy or chemotherapy, and other surgeries cannot be delayed. A person involved in an accident, losing a limb, requiring recuperative care, to learn to walk again with an artificial limb cannot be delayed.

Steady Income as Rent is Paid
Doctors and Healthcare workers providing medical services are consulted and are paid by the patient in “good times and in bad times”. If the patient pays, the Doctor can pay rent, hence the term recession resilient.

100-year life – gift or a curse?

Investors earn an above average USD dollar income plus capital growth. So suitable for those seeking steady above average income, long term.

A hard currency passive income and growth is a solution to emerging market economic turbulence, maintaining standards of living, and peace of mind knowing that there is actions that can be taken to ensure long term quality of life.

Retirement is the longest coffee break!

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Why invest in International Property?


Investment property Chosen to provide a financial return. It is not about personal preferences. It’s all about the numbers.
1. Rental return.
2. Capital growth

What is investment property? Property investors, typically in the early years use the banks money, a mortgage to purchase the property. The rental return is used to service the mortgage and running expenses of the property. Over time the property increases in value, and the investor can either sell or re-mortgage the property and use the cash to purchase another property on the same basis.

Property returns Investors pay a deposit and fund the balance of the purchase price with a  mortgage (bond) typically, give a return of plus 10% pa in hard currency. Over time a property portfolio is built up.

Passive Income Once a property portfolio has been built up, the property portfolios emphasis can switch to  passive income. This is when rentals exceed expenses and taxes, leaving a surplus, and this passive income becomes income that funds the investors lifestyle. As it is said often, “Earning income while you sit on the beach or sleep!”

Types of investment property

Physical ownership:
Student accommodation
Buy to Let Apartments & Houses
Branded & Non-Branded hotels, Hotel apartments

Secured ownership:
USA assured income
Senior living estates
Secured fixed yield income

Property is one of the oldest asset classes, and is the foundation of most family wealth; even in worst times people need a roof over their head, and rentals adjust ensuring there is a return!

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Family & Business Protection


USD Insurance protection?

Why bother? Protecting self, family and one’s business is the objective of insurance. The same applies to keypersons, and partner buyout in a business caused by the loss of the individual through retirement, illness, or death.

Like we use insurance to fix or replace assets like homes, vehicles, and jewellery, lost, stolen or damaged, so life insurance benefits families (and businesses) in the event of severe or critical illness (Dread disease) disability, and death!

What is Severe Illness Cover? More and more people are suffering severe illnesses like heart attacks, cancers, kidney failure or mastectomies. This need not signal a death sentence. There are countless survivors who were able to beat their illness and go on to live a healthy, fulfilling life.

But to get the BEST medical care, can one afford it? As care is benchmarked in US Dollars. In soft currency countries it is a very real problem. USD cover is global! This road to recovery is not an easy one both emotionally and financially. On diagnosis of a Severe Illness … How will I pay for Medical Recuperation?

It’s a grim picture – and that’s before you even consider the financial implications of being out of work for so long. Severe illness cover pays you a tax-free lump sum on diagnosis if you get sick with one of the many illnesses covered. Medical aid and State care will pay for surgery and related expenses, but not for the financial consequences caused by the severe illness. Unable to earn an income, changes to lifestyle …

“If you’re ill, the last thing you need to worry about is money, … protection can let you focus on the important thing. Getting better!”

Disability? A disability is any condition of the body or mind (impairment) that makes it more difficult for the person with the condition to do certain activities.  This can be temporary or permanent. Money is needed for resources to help the person recuperate or adjust to their impaired lifestyle.

Death? The financial impact caused by death can be enormous. Is there cash for “food and shelter” for paying off debts, a funeral, education of children, changes to lifestyle!

“Two breadwinners becomes one …
One breadwinner becomes none!”

The monthly bills don’t change much. And then there is taxes and fees to wind up an estate. A family might be asset rich but cash poor. Result, assets are sold off at discounted prices to pay debts, executors fees and inheritance taxes.

So, would you agree that life insurance is important? Protecting yourself, your spouse, your children, and business partners from the potentially devastating financial losses that could result if something happened to you. It provides financial security, helps to pay off debts, helps to pay living expenses, lifestyle changes, and helps to pay any medical or final expenses!

The difference between dignity and the consequences of death, severe illness, and disablement, is money in the bank!

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Fixed Income by MFLs


MFL – Micro Finance Lending known also as microcredit or micro lending is a term for small loans that are offered to individuals who lack access to traditional financial and banking services.

Modern MFL owes its origins to the Nobel winner Muhammad Yunus who in 1976 helped Bangladesh women with loans of $27. It was a resounding success in helping people who had no access to capital to escape grinding poverty.

Technology has enabled cost effective online small loans and is a global phenomenon. Previously small loans was dominated by traditional banks who have moved away from this role which has been taken up by Non-Bank Lenders. A combination of private corporates and banks trading as corporates. The industry today is licensed and regulated.

Investors are able to invest in MFLs earning handsome hard currency returns.

○ steady and consistent
○ income or growth
○ unrelated to volatile markets.

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Retirement planning | 100-year life?


Are you ready? If you are making retirement (semi) plans the end goal remains the same. You need to be prepared for life after paid work ends. Retirement planning is the process that helps you prepare for that stage in your life. A dependable passive income/pension income.

Financial Freedom At its core, retirement planning is about achieving financial freedom, in other words, being able to live the life you want when your regular income from work stops. This is usually done by putting processes in place and setting up sources of income that support you for life.

Retirement roadmap Leading you from where you are currently to where you want to be when you retire. Of course, everyone’s journey is different, so there is no one-size-fits-all approach. Ultimately, reaching your retirement goals is the product of careful financial planning. It’s never too late to start planning, but the sooner you start, the better retirement options will be available to you.

Tax efficiency and Estate planning Investing through an offshore 40(ee) retirement plan will make offshore retirement and investing much simpler and more accessible, and offers additional benefits such as capital security, tax efficiency and sound succession planning.

Stress Free. Retirement planning is about personal and financial freedom. The ability to live stress free with no worries about personal safety, politics, healthcare, passive income needs, and inflation with quality of life, ensuring purchasing power as measured against hard currencies is in place.

Why do I need to plan for retirement? We can’t predict the future, but we can prepare for it. The 100-year life is upon due to healthier living and medical advances driven by technology. This means we will outlive our parents by 10 years and our children will outlive us by 20 years!

“Retirement is the world’s longest coffee break … lets make sure we can afford the coffee!”

Planning vs Age It’s essential to create a plan for where you are in life currently. Although the earlier you start, the better, it’s never too late. However, starting your retirement plan in your 20s will look very different from starting in your 40s.

As you get older and closer to retirement, you have less time to accumulate the wealth you need. That doesn’t mean it’s impossible; the approach just needs to be different.

Statistics from the UK “Money and Pensions Service found that 35% of retirees left their retirement planning to the last two years of their career or didn’t prepare at all.

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Growing wealth in GBP : USD : Euro


Grow Wealth in the 4 Megatrends?

Where to invest? In this changing world, with uncertainty and disruption dominating the headlines, how we create wealth is transforming traditional investment methods. Equity investment over time will outperform, but which equities and in what countries one invests is evolving and changing.

Investment timeline Long term investment is about sustainability! Trying to time the market or stock picking the winners is a difficult task that history and statistics prove over and over most fail at and results in underperformance. Traditionally, wealth managers would focus on diversification across, countries, industries and companies and assign a risk profile, conservative (cautious) balanced, and growth (aggressive) Wealth management is evolving!

Long term trends Emerging trends are transforming investment markets globally. Four megatrends in particular have been globally recognised as macroeconomic forces that will fundamentally shape the world going forward, being big challenges and big opportunities.

Why invest in the 4 Megatrends?
Future Tech
Digitisation and increased connectivity and data are enabling artificial intelligence or AI insights that transform how we operate. With the younger generation’s increasing comfort in using technology, new business models and opportunities are emerging. Pre covid “zoom or teams” video meetings were unheard of! Today, the hybrid work model has become a permanent way of working.

Healthcare Genomics and precision medicine are set to revolutionise healthcare.

With continued tech innovation, in gene mapping and sequencing, paired with the decreasing cost of doing so, personalised treatments with improved outcomes are becoming the way forward. The 100-year life is upon us, and we will outlive our parents by 10 years and our children will outlive us by 20 years.

Future Consumers Millennials have become the world’s most powerful consumer force. With 2.3 billion people, the Millennials are the largest consumer cohort. As they enter their prime earning years and increase their spending, they will drive a new age of consumption. What they spend their money on is where we invest.

“Going green” ESG investing The urgent threats of climate change and damage to the environment leave global economies no choice but to turn to green alternatives for energy, food, and transport.

Research and back testing illustrate that investing in the exponentially increasing megatrends would have outperformed by 182% over 5 years

Wealth Manager Goldman Sachs The Global Megatrends Fund comprises of assets that span across the globe, providing investors with geographic diversification and exposure to some of the largest economies in the world and is managed by Goldman Sachs with assets under management of $ 1,9 Trillion (12-2020)

Who should invest? Be invested in the megatrends of the future
►Low correlation between trends offers lower risk
►Combining megatrends offers outperformance

►Goldman Sachs manages the fund
►Cost average with USD or ZAR to maximise return

►Suitable for investment terms of 5 years plus
►Returns in US Dollars

►Invest with USD or ZAR
►Lump sums or monthly

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Offshore Investments

Building Wealth in Hard Currency?

Accelerating financial freedom Building wealth in hard currency, diversification of assets, minimising investment costs and minimising tax is the objective for accelerating financial freedom goals!

Staying in cash, even in hard currency, is risky and will only make one poorer as inflation eats your purchasing power. But chasing return is also not the way. What counts is the average net return over the investor’s available timeline.

Investment portfolio design Every investor, has unique goals, has a different risk profile, has a different timeline for investment, has different wealth and cashflow available Portfolios are designed with this in mind.

What can I invest in? Offshore? Choices are many, funds, ETFs & index funds, sustainable ESG and Shariah investments, crypto currency funds, fixed income 100% secured by property, in the UK and USA. Currencies £ : $ : €. From cautious to high growth! With solutions focused on maximising income, tax efficiently, or growing capital.

Diversification Funds vs ETFs vs Shares Wealth available for investment also determines diversification, which tends to lower risk. One million dollars seems much, but in markets worth hundreds of billions, then USD 1 million invested across 6 shares versus
investing in six funds each worth USD 10 Billion, the diversification benefits are many and reduces investment risk but not necessarily return.

Types of funds and ETFs (Indexes) are many Money market, Property, Bonds, Fixed Income, Equity, Commodities, Crypto, Thematic, Sustainable ESG and Sharia investments, with varying risk profiles from conservative to high growth.

Provider Partners We only partner with providers with track records, and who are regulated to minimise investor risks. We are conscious that service is crucial today and into the future.

Simply, we are allergic to poor performance and poor service

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